Sunday, December 15, 2013

Investor Visa for New Zealand

Investing in a New Life Abroad
The New Zealand Investor Visa gives our clients the chance to live and work in New Zealand with a view to permanent residency after two years. The visa requires that the client invests $1.5m into the New Zealand economy and this amount is held over a four year period before being returned. In this way, the New Zealand authorities hope to strengthen their economy even further and allow access to successful, skilled and educated people.
Typically, we could expect to have your case processed within a few months although these times are given by the New Zealand authorities and are subject to change. Likewise, we would expect the authorities to charge a processing fee of around a few thousand dollars but this, too, is under constant review.

What Do I Need to Apply?
To be eligible for an Investor Visa, you must be aged 65 or under. As well as your investment, you will be expected to have a maintenance of $1m or more. Maintenance is a sum of money which you and your dependents are expected to live off for the length of your stay in New Zealand. Under the terms of the New Zealand Investor visa, you do not have to have been offered a job in the country for your case to be accepted.

Many types of New Zealandvisa require that you undertake a language test before you are allowed entry and this is no exception. Clients must prove that they have a good level of both written and spoken English before they will be granted entry to New Zealand. Not only that, but any dependents which you would like to take with you must also pass these examinations with good results.