Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Zealand Permanent Residency

The Silver Fern Program
One of our most popular services is New Zealand visas, particularly for permanent migration. If you wish to take up New Zealand residence, the most direct pathway is through its Silver Fern program. Silver Fern is initiative whereby, skilled young people who have the intention of settling in New Zealand, can do so if they have professional qualifications considered to be a benefit to the country. Applicants are considered on a points system on what can often be a lengthy and complicated process. 

Residency in New Zealand
If you are accepted onto the full Silver Fern program you can apply for New Zealand, residency status immediately. If you are provisionally accepted but the government want to see how you settle in, you will be given a work to residence visa whereby you can apply to be a New Zealand permanent resident after an agreed amount of time working. In addition, if you are accepted onto Silver Fern’s sister program Talent Work, reserved mainly for those with occupations in sports or cultural pursuits, you can apply for your New Zealand resident permit after two years.

Other Pathways to a New Zealand Residence Permit
Those who wish to start a business in the country can apply for a New Zealand visa under the Long Term Business program and residence visas under the Entrepreneur and Investor program. In addition, those with family already settled in the country, can apply for residence through one of New Zealand’s many family programs.