Sunday, December 15, 2013

Parent Visa (Tier 1) for New Zealand

A Family Route to NZ Immigration
This visa offers our clients a chance to apply for residency in New Zealand provided that they are the parent of a New Zealand resident or citizen. A New Zealand residency gives our clients the right to live and work in New Zealand unrestricted. Your child must have been a resident or citizen of NZ for at least three years, for your case to be accepted.

Typically, we could expect to have your application processed in around six months although, as this is carried out by the NZ authorities, we cannot guarantee this. Similarly, we would expect the processing fees to be a few thousand dollars but this, too, is set by the New Zealand immigration authorities.

What Do I Need to Apply?
In order to be eligible for this visa, you must find a sponsor who is a New Zealand resident or citizen over the age of 18. The sponsor, or their partner, must have a minimum income of $65k per annum or a combined income of $90k. You must be able to show that you have a guaranteed lifetime income of $27,319 per year or $40,084 if bringing a partner. Also to qualify for entry you must show that you have settlement funds of around $500k, in order to support yourself upon arrival.

Additionally, you must prove that you are of a good character and in good health. For this, you must obtain a police report from your current country of residence and a medical certificate from an approved doctor. Should you have any minor medical problems or spent convictions, then may be able to help present your case in a favourable light.